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26 Jan 14 - 20:01

The way technology has gone forward these days, it is no surprise that the web-based designers are now coming out with some ‘oh my God’ stuffs. One look at the latest collections of designer cards at some of these sites will make you dumbstruck. Ever thought that a wedding invitation could be as appealing and catchy? Take for instance, the exotic works done by DreamWeddingCard. At its roof, you can find all in one designer invitations for Indian wedding! Isn’t it exciting?


The great thing about designer cards is that they are simply stunning, without being anything obnoxious or over-glamorous. They have that visual appeal but they also manage to retain their grace, which is so important for something as chaste as a marriage ceremony. One can select from a large variety of designer cards, each of them being designed with diverse themes and appearing very colorful and tempting. In terms of colors too, the options are too many. Couples who want to keep things more simple should opt for lighter colors. White, for instance, has that elegance to look extremely simple without looking boring. The Christians too almost always choose white as the color for their invitations. But if you wish to decorate your card with colorful fonts and symbols, you may also settle for a darker shade for the background.


Furthermore, the card can also be decked up with mirror works and with other add-ons. DreamWeddingCard promises you all in one designer invitation for Indian wedding, irrespective of the caste or creed. Plus, you will not find more affordable cards anywhere else!

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